1/6 scale 21st Century Toys PAK 40 75mm Anti-tank gun

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1/6 scale 21st Century Toys PAK 40 75mm Anti-tank gun

Post  wackywheelz on 6th January 2009, 9:41 am

Hey all,

I'm thinking of selling my 1/6 scale PAK 40 by 21st Century. It's a huge beast, not many around these days, if any, especially here in Aus. Very impressive detail and great as a centre-piece for dioramas/displays.

(Click the above image to enlarge)

Comes with four 75mm shells and shell case. The wheels turn, gun traverses, elevates and recoils and can go in towed or ready to fire position. Breech works, you can load a 75mm shell into it, obviously it doesnt actually fire (lol).

Size is as follows:

Towed position: 106cm
Deployed (as above): 100cm
Width wheel to wheel: 34cm
Deployed width: 63cm

If you are interested, please PM me.


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